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(505) 504-4249 - 607 Osuna Rd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113 We sell the Best Sandia New Mexico Hatch Red & Green Chile Online across the United States & Internationally - Free shipping - Ask About our Hatch Roasted Frozen Green Chile

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Buy Authentic Frozen New Mexico Green Hatch & Lamitar Chile

Sandia Chile Company - procures all of its  Authentic New Mexican green chile (chili) from Hatch New Mexico and through out the Rio Grande Valley of Lemitar  and San Antonio.  Hatch Green Chile is known throughout the world. Sandia Chile Company has worked with the same great green chile farmers for over 10 years and has aquired the best yearly batch of chile in New Mexico. What makes our chile different from the rest is that the flavor and heat is much more consistent. Meaning when you order a hot it is truly a hot. 

We hope you love our chile or chili as much as we do. So from our family to yours. Lets get your New Mexico chile fix on!!

Here are a frequently asked Hatch/Lemitar questions with answers, that keep us different from the competition. Hatch/Lemitar Green Chile Revealed.

  1. Question: What is the difference between Hatch & Lemitar/San Antonio Green chile? Answer: There is not much of a difference, but there is a whole lot of difference. The seed varieties are both the same in both growing regions.  Hatch chile usally starts off the season beginning in August and ends at the end of September.  Where as Lemitar/San Antonio which are right next to Soccoro New Mexico starts at the end of August and goes all the way through October.  Both, have the same consistent taste and heat that people have grown to love. It gives us the advantage of extending the great growing season for as long as possible.
  2. Question: How does Sandia Chile Company roast its Hatch or Lemitar/San Antonio Green Chile?  Our green Chile is picked fresh & hand selected and then flame roasted and frozen quickly to capture the rich authentic taste of New Mexico.
  3. Question: What makes our Roasting & Packaging process different from the rest.  We use a simple 4 step process which ensures that you get the highest quality flavor a.) We wash & clean the green chile, which is a lot different that just pouring the chile into a roaster and firing it up. b.) We roast only small batches at a time to keep the consistency of the heat and flavor of each of each individual chile pepper roasted. c.) We carefully pack the small batches of roasted chile into USDA & FDA Biodegradable bags for a one hour steaming process.  This is very important & because the chile must steam to finish fully cooking and allows the chile to be easily peeled when it comes time for use. d.) Immediately after the steaming process it is packed air tight and flash frozen to capture the authentic New Mexican flavor we all love.